API Column : Brand [Venue Products]

Information about the column Brand [Venue Products]

What is the brand of the product? If you cannot find your brand you can add a new one via the portal. Choices are either “Coca Cola”, “Evian”, “Lipton”, “, “Perrier”, “Volvic Mineral”, “Volvic Fruit”, “Buxton”, “Sprite”, “Tango”, “Smart Water”, “Unbranded”, “Bud”, “Hertog Jan”, “Jupiler”, “Other”, “RedBull”, “Lipton Tea”, “Thatchers”, “Red Bull”, “San Pellegrino”, “San Miguel”, “Lucozade”, “Tesco”, “Desperados” or “Aperol Spritz”

Example Values
    "Coca Cola",
    "Volvic Mineral",
    "Volvic Fruit",
    "Smart Water",
    "Hertog Jan",
    "Lipton Tea",
    "Red Bull",
    "San Pellegrino",
    "Lee Kum Kee",
    "San Miguel",
    "Aperol Spritz"