Creating a zero-waste world

Zero-waste is a term thrown around very often. It's essentially a buzz word for the circular economy, a simple, yet science-led concept focused on keeping resources in a circular loop. How do we create this world? What are the current barriers we face? This course, written by Julia Hailes, explores the zero-waste topic in detail.

We live in a wasteful world. We are literally plundering the earth, tearing down forests, polluting our waterways and changing the climate – all to produce products that we then throw away. But there is no ‘away’. When we discard something it must go somewhere and very often it will never be used again. 

This course will help you to understand the problem, and importantly what you can do to make a difference. It was written by Julia Hailes MBE, a founding member of The Rubbish Project. Julia first came to prominence in 1988, when she wrote The Green Consumer Guide which explores how one can consume goods and services in an environmentally friendly manner. In 1989, she was elected to the UN Global 500 Roll of Honour for ‘outstanding environmental achievements’. Julia has authored or co-authored nine books, and now our courses too!

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  • 30 Topics