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  • Using staffed deposit bins with tokens exchanged for cups

    Posted by Connor on June 14, 2022 at 5:11 pm

    We have found that placing deposit return bins with staff around a festival, or event site, is a great way to collect cups back from visitors supporting a return scheme.

    1. Top Tips:

      1. The bin locations should have tall signs so that visitors can spot the locations even in large crowds.
      2. These deposit bin stations should be spread around your site in areas that will have large crowds of people drinking. The more of these points you have the greater the rate of return will be.
      3. The job of the staff is to receive the cups (and/or bottles) exchanging them with the visitor for a token which can be used to avoid paying a deposit on a new cup, 1 token for each cup returned.
      4. If bottles and cups are both covered by the deposit scheme then the staff should accept both but place then in different bins so recycling data can be captured on both streams.
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